Mobile Applications

Let's turn your ideas into attractive, quick, and secure online apps that are specifically targeted to your company's objectives.

We can transform your idea into a functional and appealing mobile app. We cover all aspect of relevant product development, including concept generation, business analysis, UI/UX design, software development, cyber security, quality assurance, and so on. Furthermore, we make no distinction between systems that can effectively produce native iOS, Android, or cross-platform apps. No matter how difficult or huge your notion is, we'll package it into a clean, intuitive container for smartphones, tablets, and wearables to run it seamlessly.

Native App Development

Nothing can stop you from building the precise app you want using native app development technologies like Kotlin or Swift. Depending on your individual business objectives, we'll propose which sections of your app should be developed entirely in native code and delivered as custom native modules, and which should be built cross-platform to provide you the optimal price-to-quality ratio.

Cross Platform App Development

Streamline your mobile app development by sharing as much code as possible between iOS and Android, and you'll still end up with native apps. Modern cross-platform solutions like React Native combine the best of native development—a wide range of features with best-in-class user experience and feel of the app—with faster development speed, shorter delivery time, and lower maintenance and development costs—by sharing the majority of the codebase between two platforms.

iOS App Development

To build native iOS applications we use the latest technologies provided by Apple. Your app for iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch will execute code written in Swift or Objective-C. We are strict in maintaining the quality of code we write. It’s readable, flexible, and testable. As we start working on your project you will get new and stable builds in your hands every week.

Our team provides full-cycle iOS application development services for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, including the requirements engineering, user experience and user interface design, iOS app development, testing, and app submission to the Apple App Store.

Android App Development

We're one of those developers you'd want on your team because of our deep grasp of material design and exceptional knowledge of anything which is Android-related. Java is used in some of our older projects. However, we now largely use Kotlin since it makes our code less verbose and hence reduces the time it takes to create an Android app.

We offer end-to-end bespoke Android app development services. This means we handle all aspects of application development, including requirements engineering, user experience and interface design, software development, and quality assurance. When you see your app published on Google Play, our service will come to an end.

Cross Platform App Development

Some apps don't need to be designed separately for iOS and Android. For both platforms, we may utilise the same codebase. Our team leverages Flutter, Google's mobile app SDK, to create apps for both iOS and Android platforms. It's ideal for MVPs and mobile apps that don't need extensive functionality or Bluetooth contact with hardware.

Building native iOS and Android mobile apps is a time-consuming and expensive process, especially for startups that need to move quickly. Cross-platform development allows you to share up to 80% of the code between iOS and Android, reducing time to market. Only one developer is required to create two applications. Additionally, because of the hot reload functionality, every change developers make to the code is immediately visible in the app, making the app development process more productive.

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